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“This is not the vaccine?”: He queued for hours for Copa del Rey tickets [VIDEO]

A confusion that made him stand for about two hours and that is now viral on social networks. In the preview of the duel between Valencia and Cartagena for the Copa del Rey, a woman stood out among all the fans, but not because of her fondness for any of the teams in question, or for soccer, but because she believed she was in line to receive the vaccine against COVID-19, when in fact I was in line to buy tickets.

The older adult confused the long line of people with those who are made to obtain immunization to the coronavirus, so, without any questions or doubts, she took her place to wait her turn.

But great was his surprise when a reporter, who came to report on the large number of fans of the Murcian club who had turned to the tickets, pointed out his mistake in line.

I imagine that you are here for the entrance of that great game”, the reporter commented to the woman, who responded with a “no”. “Why are you queuing?”, continued the journalist. The woman, then, naively replied: “Isn’t this the COVID vaccine?”. The video quickly went viral on social media.

Unfortunately, the woman queued because she had seen him for a long time, because in Spain, as happens in other parts of the world, to get immunization you have to wait a long time among other people.

Regarding the match, Cartagena could not and fell 1-2 at home against Valencia, after a goal by Cheryshev in the 92nd minute after an error by the local goalkeeper. Controversy was not unrelated to this game, where the referee did not take a clear penalty for the team from Murcia after a foul by Jesús Vázquez on Boateng.

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