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Tremor in Lima: reactions and latest news after the 5.6 earthquake

Regarding material damage, he pointed out that houses made of abobe and wood material are the ones that are usually affected after a strong earthquake. “We have one [vivienda] officially that it is affected; however, we do not have major houses that have reported damage, but information may arrive with figures that may change “, He said.

In dialogue with Canal N, the official explained that the person seriously injured is the 29-year-old, whose health is delicate, after falling from the third floor of a house in Villa María del Triunfo. He also commented on the case of three children who were trapped in the collapse of a house in the Santa Clara area, in Ate Vitarte.

This was reported today Rolando Capucho, coordinator of the National Emergency Operations Center (COEN) who specified that the figures are updated with the passing of the hours, because the reports of damage from other areas of the capital are still awaiting.

“He is very delicate, I personally went to the emergency service and we coordinated so that he was taken to the operating room”, as reported in a dialogue for Canal N. He detailed that the 29-year-old man had suffered delirium syndrome to make the decision to allegedly jump from the third floor of the house where he rents a room.

“Peruvian people, let’s remain calm, but beware of any other reply. With due precautions, let us take care of our families: children, the elderly and people with disabilities. As a Government, we are monitoring to safeguard citizens “He pointed out through his Twitter account.

“Neighbors, I inform you that the entire Costa Verde and Cercado de Lima, including Barrios Altos, at the moment do not report damage after the earthquake registered a few minutes ago; in the same way, 32 districts of the city. We continue to carry out the pertinent coordination “, posted on his Twitter account.

“The epicenter has been below Lima at 116 kilometers and a magnitude of 5.6, but in this case it does not generate a tsunami. It is quite an important depth. The particularity with this depth is that the epicenter of the earthquake has occurred below Lima, under your feet, and it is likely that those of us who have been attentive to the shaking of the ground have realized that the movement has been vertical, that is, below up, a strong shake “, he pointed.

In dialogue with América Noticias, the official indicated that despite the depth of the earthquake of 116 kilometers, the telluric movement was vertical so it could be more perceived by people.

The local authorities of the National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci) have not yet reported personal or material damage due to the earthquake that occurred this morning.

According to the report, the earthquake occurred 19 kilometers northeast of Lima, in the province of Lima, with a depth of 119 kilometers. In trembling Lima it was felt with an intensity of V-VI-

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