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Tricks to combine ingredients in a homemade pizza and make a good pairing

Updated on 10/17/2021 05:16 pm

Whether it’s traditional dough or extra thin, crispy and light dough, the Pizza It is one of the favorite foods of many, as well as being an extraordinary option to bring out the chef in you and prepare a homemade version with your favorite ingredients.

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If this is your case, Heivel Bedoya, executive chef of the Sheraton Lima Hotel & Convention Center and leader of 180 Artisan Pizza, offers the following tips to make a pizza at home.

Tricks to prepare pizza at home

  1. As you do not have a mixer at home, you have to be patient when mixing supplies by hand, since developing gluten takes time and is only achieved by stretching the dough with the palms of your hands on a surface or on a bowl. .
  2. To achieve a crunchier texture, when greasing the plate where we will pre-cook the dough, we can add semolina to achieve a much crunchier base.

Tricks to combine ingredients

  1. A classic that has no loss is the Hawaiian pizza, since the salt always enhances the sweet, the combination of mozzarella cheese and English ham go very well with the sweet / sour that the pineapple has.
  2. Another option to prepare a sweet pizza would be the combination of a chocolate sauce with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. That contrast of temperature shock, between hot and cold, is inevitable to enjoy, in addition to balancing the sweetness of the preparation.
  3. Finally, confit or dehydrate inputs will always give a better texture and flavor to the pizza, since the flavors of the food when reduced are concentrated and are tastier. For example, for margarita pizza, sliced ‚Äč‚Äčtomato is dehydrated for 2 hours at 120 degrees Celsius, the time is long, but it is worth doing.

Tricks for pairing

  1. Full meat pizza – wheat beer: By having a pizza with meat inputs such as chorizo, meat and bacon; There is no better pairing than a wheat beer that has a slightly sweet taste that would be a perfect contrast to full meat pizza.
  2. Pizza margherita – Sangria: The margherita pizza having the tomato as its main ingredient, would make a perfect match with a good sangria, since the sweetness of the drink would counteract the acid of the tomato.
  3. Full Parmesan Pizza – Red Wine: There is no better combination of a good Malbec to round out the flavor of the cheese, definitely a 10.

180 Pizza Artesanal is a new restaurant born under a versatile and fast self-service modality, without neglecting the quality of the ingredients and the flavor. The public will find a bar where they can order their favorite pizza, pay and see how it is prepared at the moment in a matter of minutes. The menu offers from traditional savory pizzas such as pepperoni, American, Hawaiian and margherita, among others, to a nutella pizza, tiramisu, garlic bread, focaccia and drinks.

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