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Uncharted: what do the first critics say about the latest film with Tom Holland?

After the premiere of “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, actor Tom Holand turned to a new project: “Uncharted”. This time, he will take on the role of Nathan Drake, or at least a younger version of the character.

In the first trailer, Columbia Pictures introduces us to a version of Drake who has yet to meet Sully, one of his best friends and associates. Also, he doesn’t seem to have much experience in historical subjects, as seen in video games.

The film will be released in theaters on February 18. Given the wait, several critics have already left their comments on the Rotten Tomatoes portal, where only 44% acceptance has been given.

It should be noted that there are still no reviews from fans, because it has not reached theaters. These are some of the negative and positive comments that we have collected from the cinema website.

In an age where Marvel movies generate big laughs, Uncharted has to do better than this and it should be a lot more fun. However, it’s worth noting that despite reservations, Uncharted is still far from a bad movie. It’s fine”writes George Simpson of Daily Express (UK).

“Even Tom Holland, riding a wave of global love for Spider-Man, can do little to save this lackluster Tomb Raider knockoff about a modern-day bartender and treasure hunter who is searching for Magellan’s lost gold.” details Kevin Maher of Times (UK)undoubtedly a harsh criticism of the tape.

“Uncharted makes a decent move to fill an Indy-shaped hole in the movie market right now. But the series will need to bolster its reserves of charm and swagger to live up to the movie’s favorite archaeologist,” adds Matt Looker of TotalFilm.

Uncharted Trailer

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