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‘Unforgivable’: The new Netflix drama starring Sandra Bullock where the past does not forgive

The tapes where perhaps the actress has stood out the most Sandra Bullock It is in comedies like ‘Miss Sympathy’ or ‘The Proposal’. However, he has also had great roles in feature films fiction or horror, such as’ Bird Box ‘, in addition to drama such as’ An impossible dream’ and now ‘Unforgivable‘.

The latter, an original from the Netflix platform, will be the first film starring the actress after Bird Box, which was released for the same platform. This marks Bullock’s big comeback in a great story.

The drama, directed by the German Nora Fingscheidt, transforms the British series ‘Unforgiven’ into a film, in which a woman who was released from prison spends her time in freedom to find her younger sister.

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However, the story no longer takes place in Yorkshire, as in the original series, but in rainy Seattle, in the United States. The name of the protagonist remains the same, Ruth Slater, who also spends twenty long years in prison.

The story has its reason for being precisely after these 20 years, since once released, the protagonist goes in search of her younger sister, who is led by Aisling Franciosi, who is now a young woman in her twenties.

The story is joined by the adoptive parents of Ruth’s sister, who see the fact that she has been released from prison as a threat to the tranquility of their family, so the story becomes more complicated.

With several flashbacks to the past, the film puts the ingredient of suspense in many of its passages, as well as, obviously, a drama in which not everything ends up fitting perfectly for Ruth’s life, because something ends up failing most of the times.

In the cast of the film we also have great actors such as Viola Davis, Vincent D’Onofrio, Jon Bernthal, among others. The film premiered on December 10 on the Netflix platform.


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