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Vaccination card: Minsa rules out that three doses will be required to prove immunization against COVID-19

Lima, December 9, 2021Updated on 12/09/2021 01:31 pm

The Director of Immunizations of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), Gabriela Jiménez, ruled out that it is going to demand -for the moment- that the vaccination card prove that people have three doses against the coronavirus (COVID-19). Remember that those over 18 years of age can receive their booster vaccination if they have already completed more than 5 months from the application of their second dose.

“We are not yet demanding the third dose, what we are checking is the second. Because in the timeline more or less we should already have about 3 and a half million people who should have been placed or placed the third dose “, said the official in an interview with RPP Noticias.

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“We are looking at the emphasis on people over 60 and the comorbid, in addition to health personnel. But nevertheless, we are giving this space of time considering that some have not yet had access “, he pointed.

COVID-19 vaccination card: it is not mandatory that the three doses be credited
COVID-19 vaccination card: it is not mandatory that the three doses be credited

Recall that, since last October 15, the application of the third COVID-19 dose to health personnel began, to later place the booster dose to those over 65 years of age until it was extended to people aged 18 and over.

Along these lines, Jiménez explained that to date 75% of health personnel nationwide have received their booster dose, while in the group of older adults the figure is 15%.

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“We want to give one more space of time. This week, at least, to advance in the offer of services based on improving vaccination coverage. Meanwhile, we are asking for the second dose, always generating a margin of time for our brigades to advance in finding the population. That will imply that within a reasonable space of time we move towards the third requirement “, he pointed out.


From this Friday, December 10, it will be mandatory for those over 18 to present their physical card or virtual that certifies having completed your vaccination against COVID-19 to enter closed spaces and even take trips.

Likewise, companies may operate in person, only if all your workers certify their complete vaccination against coronavirus.

Similarly, drivers and collectors of all public transport services, as well as drivers who provide delivery services, may work only if they prove their full dose of vaccination.

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