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VALORANT: all of Yoru’s changes in his rework

Perhaps the ability that caught Yoru’s attention the most was his teleportation; However, he did not have a display of skills that put him ahead of other duelists of VALORANT. Jett, Reyna and Raze continue to have higher percentage of appearance in games.

Curiously, during the World Cup, not once was this character chosen; so Riot Games is working on a complete rework to put it in tune with the rest of the shooter’s characters.

Through the official blog of the title, the developer company shared some of the changes it is planning for Yoru: “When Yoru launched, there was a lot of excitement about this guy, but as you experimented with him, many of you came to the conclusion that his results weren’t up to par with the rest of the lineup. We took the time to analyze in depth what Yoru had to offer, and gave him more / different tools to allow him to bring to life that effective version of the fantasy that everyone had imagined.“Detailed Ryan” Rycoux “Cousart, game / character designer for VALORANT at the Blog.

Yoru’s new abilities

Deception: the steps are transformed into a false version of Yoru, which runs forward and when he is shot disappears and explodes affecting the enemies.

Black leather gloves: infiltration speed is increased and is less detectable (both by noise and by proximity). In turn, they can create a fake teleport that has the same sound.

For now, these are the concrete changes. However, they warn on the blog that ‘curves are coming’: “At the moment, we cannot share all the changes for Yoru that we test internally, but we are fully confident that this update will help unlock his potential. This could include testing with some changes to Dimensional Shift to help you open a site wide, ”they detail.

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