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Valve would be happy to integrate Steam with Xbox Game Pass according to manager

Steam has officially launched its own video game console called the Steam Deck. It is a portable device with the power of a low-end PC, which uses the Steam OS operating system to run different games from your library.

Many have wondered if the company plans to develop a subscription system that gives you access to various triple-A video games for a limited time. However, the company has revealed that it does not have it in its plans.

Recently, Gabe Newell, the tycoon behind Steam, shared a few words about it for the medium pc gamer.

I don’t think a subscription service is something we need to create right now. But, considering its users, it is clear that it is a very popular option. And we would be more than happy to work with them (Xbox Game Pass) to bring it to Steam”, he commented.

There is no bad relationship between Microsoft and Steam. In turn, the company of Bill Gates does not finish convincing gamers to move to the Microsoft Store, where they offer the purchase of games and those that enter the Xbox Game Pass subscription can also be downloaded.

Steam Deck Trailer

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