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VES: armed criminals assaulted the gym in the middle of a dance class on Av. Mariano Pastor Sevilla | VIDEO

Lima, March 8, 2022Updated on 03/08/2022 08:53 am

Three armed criminals assaulted a group of women I was in a class aerobics on the second floor of a gym located on Av. Mariano Pastor Sevilla, in the district of Villa El Salvadorlast Monday night.

In the images released by Latina, it can be seen that first enters a malefactor who wears a black shirt with a gun in his hand and starts screaming. However, the females are unaware of his presence.

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Seconds later, Two other men enter and threaten the women, who, realizing it, gather in a corner of the premises., while others hide in a bathroom. One even manages to escape from the robbery in an oversight of the malefactors.

Once they managed to reduce their victims, The subjects began to rummage through backpack after backpack and take out valuables such as cell phones, wallets, among others.. Seeing that the minutes passed, they decided to take the bags that they could not check and then flee.

Assault on the gym in Villa El Salvador
Assault on the gym in Villa El Salvador https://www.latina.pe/noticias


For its part, the Dembow Fitness gym reported on its Facebook that they had already reported the incident.

We currently have support chambers and metal door reinforcements and partitions on both levels. Unfortunately, all this occurred due to carelessness.we are very sorry for everything that happened to our students, thank God the public is well “it reads.

Likewise, they committed to rethinking and reinforcing the security of the premises to continue providing security to their clients. “We meet again on Wednesday with strength. we are not defeated.

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