Fortnite Chapter 3:  earn XP knocking down snowmen

Snowmen appears on the island at the beginning of the Fortnite Winterfest 2021. They fit perfectly into the theme of the season

the challenges of Winterfest To earn 18,000 XP, players must destroy some snowmen,  using a vehicle to ram them.

FORTNITE: How to ram snowmen

Land on the island in places with snow and nearby vehicles. Secure the area and get loot before searching for a vehicle.

FORTNITE: How to ram snowmen

After finding a vehicle, use it to crash into a snowman and complete the challenge.

There is no shortage of snowmen on the map. They can be found scattered throughout the island, it is impossible not to see them even during heavy firefight.

As such, players don’t have to rush early in the game to complete this challenge. A smart strategy would be to view the task as secondary and accomplish it passively

If the players want to actively pursue them, a good location to do so would be Rocky Reels. The location has many vehicles and many snowmen. However, players must first secure the area before attempting the challenge.

This will ensure that opponents cannot launch an ambush. Additionally, once the task is completed, players can rotate to the next safe zone or go hunting for opponents.

the snowmen in the game are harmless and just look oblivious, some are not what they appear to be. With the introduction of Winterfest, Sneaky snowman was reintroduced into the game.

When used, it allows players to disguise themselves as snowmen. They can then stand like inanimate objects or move around if necessary.

However, the moment an item is used or a weapon is fired, the camouflage disappears and the players are revealed