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What happened?: The reason why Lightyear is banned from the premiere in some countries

Saudi Arabia Y United Arab Emirates have decided to veto the new Pixar film, Lightyeardue to a particular scene, which has once again brought to the fore the visible homophobia in these countries of Persian Gulf as state policy.

In these countries, where Islamic Law prevails, the film has been censored for one scene in particular: a kiss between characters of the same sex who are a couple in the film, something that has little to do with the main plot of a film that has as the central axis Buzz’s space adventures.

Added to this censorship are the vetoes of Disney productions, such as Etertanls or West Side Story, even of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness himself for reasons similar to this one. A constant in Islamic countries.

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This is one more controversy generated by this animation by Angus MacLane, as it collided with the concise “Don’t say gay” law approved in the US state of Florida, with which it is intended to prevent teachers from explaining to children questions about the sexual orientations from preschool through third grade.

This generated multiple protests against Disney and Pixar itself for having removed this same scene from the tape, for which they were forced to restore the scene in the final footage.

The Media Regulatory Office of the United Arab Emirates has not authorized its public projection because, in that country, homosexuality is considered illegal. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “such a simple display of affection between two women constitutes a violation of the country’s media content standards.” The case in the Saudi country is similar.


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