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What is the true story behind Keanu Reeves’ most famous meme

Undoubtedly, Keanu reeves He is one of the Hollywood stars who has earned the affection, respect and admiration of the public, not only for his great performances in the different projects in which he has participated, but also for his quality as a human being, having created an organization charity against cancer, supporting PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the SickKids Foundation and Stand Up to Cancer.

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For this and many other things, the protagonist of the saga “The Matrix” has a legion of fans in all corners of the world who follow each one in his footsteps and want to know more about him, both professionally and personally. Precisely on this last aspect, the actor born in Beirut, Lebanon, was encouraged to tell the true story behind his famous meme called “Sad Keanu”.

As you remember, In 2010, an image of the actor quickly went viral. In the photo, Reeves looked depressed as he sat on a park bench eating alone.. As soon as the shots came out, they were shared at lightning speed by blogs, newscasts and internet forums, which gave it the name “Keanu is Sad” or “Sad Keanu.”

Although the image reflected the apparently devastated actor, he was encouraged to talk about what really went through his head and what was happening at that moment. Here is the story behind the famous meme.

The image that went viral of Keanu Reeves in 2010 (Photo: Late Show)


During an interview in “Late show”With Stephen Colbert, Keanu Reeves talked about his most famous meme, of which he said there was nothing spectacular or that something bad had happened to him because of the way he was captured. I just ate a sandwich.

“I’m just having a sandwich. Okay, I was thinking, because I had some things going, but I was also hungry “said the actor, referring to the fact that this situation could have happened to anyone.

With this he made it clear that at no time did he do things on purpose and that he took everything that was said at that time with total normality, because deep down he knew the truth.

If we take his words at face value, who has not had a busy day in which we want to be alone and we go to a place to think or meditate, while we eat something?


His real name is Keanu Charles Reeves, he was born in Beirut (Lebanon) on September 2, 1964, in addition to his acting talent he is also a musician.

The first years of his childhood were spent in various countries such as Hawaii, Australia, New York and Toronto. For his roles in the cinema he has received some positive reviews due to his great performance in different productions.

As his own characteristic, he plays characters who have a mission to save the world, so we have Ted Logan, Siddhartha Buddha, Neo, Johnny Mnemonic, John Constantine and Klaatu. With the film John Wick he won several awards and also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

When Keanu Reeves arrived for the Lionsgate special screening of "Semper Fi" at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood on September 24, 2019 (Photo: Frederic J. Brown / AFP)
When Keanu Reeves arrived for Lionsgate’s special screening of “Semper Fi” at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood on September 24, 2019 (Photo: Frederic J. Brown / AFP)
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