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What special care should be followed when there are people with Covid-19 at home?

Lima, January 14, 2022Updated on 01/14/2022 04:10 pm

The advance of the variant omicron in the country, which only in Lima and Callao represents more than 80% of infections, has increased positive cases throughout the country. As explained by the Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, it went from 26,000 to 81,000 infections per week in the country.

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Despite this increase, a large number are mild and moderate cases that do not require hospitalization. In this scenario, it is important to know what considerations must be taken to care for a person diagnosed with or suspected of having the virus at home.

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It is important to remember that despite the mildness of many cases, it is necessary to have the full two-dose vaccination schedule and a booster to reduce the risks. According to a study developed by the Minsa, Of 23,040 patients hospitalized for Covid-19, 20,795 had not been vaccinated, neither with the first nor the second dose. That is, 90.25%.

From the same universe of patients, only 653 patients had applied the first dose; while 1,592 had both doses of the vaccine, reveals the ministry’s research carried out with data up to January 9.


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The rise in infections due to the omicron variant worries the health system. For this reason, the Minsa streamlines strategies to contain contagion and avoid a collapse.


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