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What to do in Free Fire to get the rewards of “The Academy”

Assassin’s Creed has come to free fire, so the community can enjoy exclusive events for a limited time to obtain unique material in the video game. In addition to the recharge events and the discount store, Garena has launched The Academy for players to get loot after “training as an assassin”.

The dynamics of The academy on free fire It consists of four sections, each with a different reward.

To learn each skill, you have to increase the percentage by performing different tasks. You can’t advance to the next one until you finish the previous one. You have until March 21 to complete all missions. For example, to level up in Leap of Faith, players will need to accomplish the following goals:

  • Login once: 10%
  • Play a game: 10%
  • Be in the top 3 of a match: 10%
  • Survive 15 minutes: 20%

FREE FIRE | Academy Rewards

  • Leap of Faith – Random Box of Attachments
  • Diving – Gold Royale Ticket
  • Running – Weapons Royale Ticket
  • Loot – Ornate Treasure Box

FREE FIRE | More Assassin’s Creed Items

Wanting to buy diamonds in free fire? You better take advantage of a new event related to the franchise Assassin’s Creed. The exclusive Battle Royale currency requires real money and the platform almost always has gifts to make your investment worthwhile. You have until March 10 to take advantage of “Backpack Recharge”.

For recharging 500 diamonds, players of free fire they can take the backpack “Red Eagle” which has up to three levels of appearance. If you are looking for more material related to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, there is another event where the minimum recharge, that is, a single diamond, offers the tag “Invincible Reality” and the background “Invincible Reality Background”. If the amount is 300 diamonds, the community can take all of the above plus Keffiyehwhich hides both the case and the hair.

Depending on your mobile device, you will be able to buy diamonds from within the game through the platforms of google play or of AppleStore. Each platform has availability of different payment methods.

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