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What will happen to the panettones that have had to leave the market at the request of Indecopi?

In the last weeks, Indecopi has ordered the cessation of marketing of various products, including the 900-gram Tottus panettone and the Bell’s brand panettone with raisins and candied fruits. This massive sale product is one of the most consumed in the month of December at the end of the year.

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Indecopi indicated that both panettone they contain Trans fat above the limits of the norm. However, the companies Hipermercados Tottus SA and Supermercados Peruanos SA, owner of Plaza Vea, affirm that their product complies with the norms and have appealed the precautionary measure.

In a statement, Peruvian Supermarkets mentions that: “The analyzes carried out on Bell’s panettone reveal figures of trans isomers lower than 0.01, that is, technically without trans fat content, thus complying with all regulations ”.

Along the same lines, Tottus indicated that they requested an analysis where it was concluded that “The same results obtained in previous studies sent to the Indecopi, where it is shown that said product has less than 0.01g of trans fat per 100g. of fat; parameters that comply with what is stipulated in the current standard ”.

However, as long as this is not resolved, neither of the two companies can commercialize these panettone. That is why the products have begun to be withdrawn from the market. The question now is, what do you do with that amount of panettone that should be sold this month?

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In dialogue with this newspaper, the company Tottus mentioned that they are two million panettone those that have had to be withdrawn from the stores, that is, 1800 tons. He added that they will not deplete anything with a valid useful life until the appeal is resolved.

Likewise, the Director of Corporate Affairs of Intercorp Retail, holding company de Supermercados Peruanos SA, explained to El Comercio: “As long as the precautionary measure remains in force, we are not going to sell or donate the products. In the case of those batches that are close to expiration, we will proceed to reduce these products, complying with the protocols and policies of the quality area “.

The shrinkage is the product in poor condition or product that has passed its expiration date. As they cannot be sold due to their status, what generally happens is that they are destroyed by outside companies. Victor Ahumada Rodríguez, chemical engineer and assistant manager of Envak, the company in charge of this process, explains that “According to DL 1278 on solid waste, products that have lost their usefulness, either due to time, quality or expiration, must go through a process of destruction”.

The specialist added that to carry out this process, Tottus or Peruvian Supermarkets they would have to hire a company to take the panettone to landfills and the entire process would be supervised by a notary, and then deliver a notarial certificate.



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