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Women’s Day: this Tuesday the residents of Puente Piedra, Cercado de Lima and Surco will receive free medical attention

Lima, March 7, 2022Updated on 03/07/2022 02:29 pm

In the framework of International Women’s Daywhich is commemorated this March 8, the residents of Stone bridge, Fence of Lima They will be able to access various health services for free.

As detailed by the Municipality of Limathe activity called Sisol Woman It will include mammography, gynecology, Pap smear, anemia and hypertension ruling out, vaccination and screening services. COVID-19 (molecular and antigen tests), as well as nutritional counseling, mental health, sexual and reproductive health, climacteric and menopause. This initiative will take place in the Plaza de Armas of Puente Piedra, from 9 am to 3 pm.

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Free medical care.  Photo: Sisol Salud
Free medical care. Photo: Sisol Salud

Also, it will be replicated in the Sisol del Jr. Camaná, in the Cercado, where, from 8 am to 12 m., free services will be provided to rule out anemia, diabetes and high blood pressure; In addition, evaluations will be drawn for care in the specialties of bone densitometry, rheumatology, dermatology, among others.

Free medical care.  Photo: Sisol Salud
Free medical care. Photo: Sisol Salud

For its part, the Directorate of Integrated Health Networks (Diris) South Lima He explained that a health day will be held this Tuesday at the Las Malvinas sports field, located in block 2 of Av. Ayacucho, in the district of Santiago de Surco (opposite Plaza Vea de Ayacucho).

Interested persons will be able to access preventive cancer counseling, cervical cancer screening, clinical breast examination, blood pressure measurement, family planning and speech therapy, psychological and nutritional counseling, and anthropometric evaluation, among others.

Free health day.  Photo: Diris South Lima
Free health day. Photo: Diris South Lima

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